Father’s Day Books for Kids

We love More Father’s Day and have some great Gift Ideas for Him here, as well as Father’s Days Gifts for Kids to Make here! However, I think this collection of Father’s Day Books are simply adorable and a great way to celebrate Dad with the kids! Also, Dad will LOVE to read these Hilarious Jokes For Kids.. try them today!

Father’s Day Books for Kids

Father’s day is coming up fast! These father’s day books for kids will give you a reason to celebrate. This year, father’s day lands on June 19th in the US and the UK. All of these books are educational, and adorable at the same time. Keeping your kids hooked from cover to cover as you read with them. I hand picked these books to show Dad and child alike how much they mean to each other. After all, reading together is one of the best ways to spend one on one time with your kiddos.

Father's Day Books for kids - a wonderful selection of fun and inspirational books

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The Night Before Father’s Day

The kids want to plan a surprise for their dad on his special day. When he leaves the house for his usual bike ride everyone gets started working on his surprise. He is so excited when it’s revealed that they’ve reorganised his garage that he takes the whole family for a ride in his freshly washed car. This book is TOO cute, and the illustrations are even cuter!

Just me and my Dad

The little critters in Just me and my Dad go on a camping trip together. Mercer Mayer has been writing children’s books for generations and they are just as good today as they were a decade ago.

Spot Loves his Daddy

These two doggies are best buddies. Spot and his dad do so many fun activities that dad and child will enjoy reading the book together.

The Berenstain Bears and the Papa’s Day Surprise

Whether you subscribe to the theory that somewhere the name was changed from Berenstein to Berenstain – no, really. People believe there’s a conspiracy linked to the name of these books – you can still enjoy the golden children’s literature for what it is. Plus the theory alone is enough to make you want to check out the book.

Darth Vader and Son

“What if Darth Vader took an active role in raising his son?” This book is one of the funniest children’s books I’ve seen in awhile. It’s awesome for a dad who is also in love with Star Wars. This book is a guaranteed hit for both dads and his little ones. SO MUCH FUN!

A Perfect Father’s Day

Little Susie treats her dad to a few surprises while daddy drives. She chooses the restaurant, and soon dad realizes that Susie filled his day with special treats for BOTH of them. It’s a heartwarming story of the cutest relationship between daughter and dad.

Froggy’s Day with Dad

Froggy is so cute! He wants to take his dad out to do his favorite activity, golfing! But Froggy’s father says he is too little for golf, however, Froggy is the perfect size for miniature golf. In this truly funny and touching book Froggy and his father enjoy a whole day together.

My Dad’s a Hero

While this book is primarily focused on a US Military Dad it’s a great educational tool for my readers in the US and the UK alike. For my US readers, this book offers a simple explanation to your young children about what daddy does for work. If dad’s deployed this father’s day spend some time with your kids helping them understand why daddy cannot be home. This is great for my UK readers, because of this note from the authors “This may be a tender subject for young readers so we’ve kept the book uplifting and free from scary words like guns, war and fighting. This book gives kids permission to be happy and proud of their military dad.” – US or UK, our military dads are heroes to their families, especially their children. The book also has places to paste pictures of dad and the kids and family photos too.

Father’s day is important to every family. Whether Dad’s home, or he’s deployed with the US military or the British Armed Forces, every kid looks up to their father.

I compiled this list of father’s day books for kids for you to enjoy with your family. Let’s help remind Dad how much he means to us, and try to make his day even just a little bit brighter. Did your favorite father’s day book make our list? If not, add it in the comments below.

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