Breakfast Hamper Gift Idea

We love giving gifts and we love nothing more than giving gifts with a little bit of added thought… and if we can make part of it, then even better!!! This Breakfast Hamper idea came via Netmums, who have a number of hamper ideas to inspire you. I took the “basis” and went from there..

A breakfast hamper would be a great gift for a New Mum (she will need lots of energy), someone who has moved house (give them a good start to their busy unpacking kind of day) or just that Breakfast Foodie.

Breakfast Hamper

What we put in ours:

* Some Lemon Marmalade

* Some Blackberry & Apple Jam (remember to lable these to say what is in them and when you made them to give a rough “eat by” date)

* Some loose tea

* A tea leaf egg (you can get all sorts of fun funky ones)

* Some herbal teas

* Homemade muesli (recipe to follow)

* Home made cheesey biscuits (for that continental breakfast)

* We plan to add some No Mess Soda Bread, wrapped in white baking paper. Just before giving it, then also add a little butter and a note to “eat me quickly, as I am fresh”

* A lovely tea cup

* An egg cup

* A homemade egg cozy!

What would you put into YOUR Breakfast Hamper?

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