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I am someone who doesn’t really “need” or “want for much” (if that is the correct impression.. I am not a big shopper when it comes to shoes, nor handbags or clothes for that matter. But one thing I have find myself finding irresistible over the years is STATIONERY and KITCHEN GADGETS… especially of the cute variety. I love things that are practical, but also quirky and fun. So I thought you may like to see some my favourite and best kitchen gadgets that I have come across over the recent years. Yes, not all of them a necessary… but they are indeed lovely and I WANT! These kitchen gadgets would make great Christmas Gifts or Birthday Gifts or even Mother’s Day Gifts… so… without further ado….

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20 Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know you needed!


We are great cookie making people in our house! So I am always drawn to handy and fun gadgets to make even more splending biscuits and cookies. Especially if we are baking as “gifts”.

Kitchen Gadgets - great quirky gift ideas (12)

These took Facebook by storm and went viral.. but YES… Oh my goodness, how CUTE are these cookie rolling pins? They come in lots of designs (love the owls and flowers too) and would be a great gift to a baker

 US / UK

There IS a cheaper set here (not as pretty, but just as handy) US/ UK 

Cute cookie cutters

I bought a set of these about two years ago and simply ADORE them. They are great fun to use for all occassions – we made some “Mr & Mrs” ones for our teacher’s wedding, they are adorable at Valentine’s or make some “super star” ones for the kids at year end or a new mum, who needs to be told how well she is doing!

more cookie stamper fun

And another clever customisable cooke stamper!


Kitchen Gadgets - great quirky gift ideas (10)

We LOVE baking at Christmas – it is one of the key activities for us in the run up to Christmas and we often end up with lovely but “samey” cookies. Here is a great tool, that let’s you quickly and easily add some decorative oompf to your baking!


gingerbread man kit

GINGERBREAD COOKIE KIT!! Life made easy.. get the cookie mix and cutters in one. Fun “activity” SORTED.

US/ UK (sorry UK readers cookie cutters only!!)

baking gadgets

CUPCAKE CORER If you like “filling” your cupcakes (savory or sweet) this inexpensive little tool is genius!!! Like the idea of filling a savory cupcake with cream cheese or cheese and a sweet one with icing or jam.

Quirky Measuring Devices

I am a big convert to “US measuring” devices – as it is a super handy way to cook and bake with kids.  Here are 4 of our favourites!

Kitchen Gadgets - great quirky gift ideas (17)
This is possibility the pretties kitchen measuring set out there and it is a great one to have “on display” in a co-ordinated kitchen. It comes in this pale blue and a firey red. Wonderful.

(sorry, you can get it in the UK.. but quite expensive)

Kitchen Gadgets - great quirky gift ideas (3)
What a genius 8 in 1 kitchen tool. LOVE how NEATLY it stores AND looks great.  I love this one, because it stores neatly and concisely and isn’t JUST for measuring. Also if you have younger kids, this could be a great “toy” for exploration!
 measuring sets

Because I like cute things.. this Chicken, Egg and Chick measuring cup set is simply ADORABLE. And definitely one, that I know we would use in the kitchen AND that the kids would enjoy playing with too whilst they help me cook!

US (only)

meaure set for star wars geeks
Well.. you can’t have a Kitchen Gadgets round up without a few Star Wars geekery gadgets 🙂 Love this R2-D2 Measuring Cup and Spoon set! Brilliant.

Handy Gadgets

So these are those handy gadgets that you have lived without.. and then once you saw them and started using them, you wonder how you EVER MANAGED!

Kitchen Gadgets - great quirky gift ideas (14)

GENIUS! A 3 tier oven rack.. now you will be able to **fit it all in**.. Only wish we had this here in the UK.

 US (Only)

Kitchen Gadgets - great quirky gift ideas (11)

HOT LUNCHES AT WORK – with these mini crock pots. What a genius idea! Alternatively, great for those of us, that don’t want to cook HUGE VATS of food. US / UK (diff style, same brand)

Finger Guard for chopping

Finger Guard – no more chopped fingers. Love this gadget!

Kitchen Gadgets - great quirky gift ideas (5)

I find cute Kitchen Gadgets that make life easier irresistible.. I don’t know about you, but would love this for draining peas or pasta quickly (I am a lazy cook and don’t use a colander, because of having to wash it up..) Now this WHALE STRAINER is adorable (and well priced!!)


Kitchen Gadgets - great quirky gift ideas (6)

HERB SCISSORS….. oh my, just got a pair and now wonder how I EVER did without them.


kitchen gadgets

These  “No Oil” fryers are simply amazing. All the chips taste, made much much healthier!

US / similar for UK

Gadgets with the Wow Factor

These are gadgets that you really don’t NEED.. but that are just oh so cute or oh so funny, you simply have to have one. Actually.. one of them is pretty disgusting… but it falls into the very funny indeed category.. and I know one or two people have this already (You shall see what I mean below!)

Kitchen Gadgets - great quirky gift ideas (4)

Oh my goodness, how CUTE are these Toast Cutters? Love how QUICK and EASY and CUTE they are…and no food waste. Woohoo… You can also use them to make cute little sandwiches.


Kitchen Gadgets - great quirky gift ideas (2)
THIS IS SO GROSS – but I was telling my neighbour’s son about it and he now WANTS ONE – yukkiest (but funniest) egg separator ever (this one is for you Ali!)

Kitchen Gadgets - great quirky gift ideas (7)
This HILIRIOUS gadget will remind you to CLEAN YOUR MICROWAVE regularly as it is simply too fun to use! Get your ANGRY STEAMER here
Mug & Cookie Holder – this is so fun!! Love all the different designs (designs vary by location)!!
Chew Chew Adorable Kids Dinner Set – oh my, how very cute. I know some little train fans, that would ADORE THIS!
Quirky WELL PRICED Tea Infusers for the Tea Boffins in the house. Perfect for that “little gift” to a friend!
USUK Kitchen Gadgets - great quirky gift ideas (1)
Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker.. my kids are SO DESPERATE for one of these – love the sprinkle container and cone stack too.
US / Uk (similar)
best kitchen gadgets
Oh man, how COOL is this breakfast station? Would be perfect for a “student pad”…
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