The Perfect Cup of Tea

Well.. what IS the perfect cup of tea. That really is a tricky one and whenever you happen across a Brit there is a huge debate as to “how to do it”. Some say, “a tea bag will never do”, others say “a tea bag must be left for 3 min exactly”. “Add milk before”. “No never add milk ┬ábefore, it lowers the temperature”….


What is the right way?

I say: there is NO right way. Water tastes different, in different parts of the country. Some brew it too long. Some not long enough. Too much milk? Or too little?

If you are making ME a cup tea, this is how I (!) like it best:

  1. Builders tea (always)
  2. Teabag in mug (yes, I need volume a dainty cup isn’t enough)
  3. Add boiling water. It HAS to be boiling, not nearly boiled or just boiled. BOILING.
  4. Then give the teabag and water a good stir. A good squish. Get all the colour out. Squish a little more.
  5. Remove teabag.
  6. Add a generous portion of milk.

Let cool for a few minutes and ENJOY.

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