Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow cooking has been de rigueur amongst the UK Blogging Community for at least 2 years now. It is the saviour of busy mums, especially working mums amongst us, but is also hailed the cooker of good food by the rest of us. Just think, well cooked meals that are oozing with flavour as they have been cooking for hours.

I do love a good stew myself, and I can imagine a slow cooked stew being EVEN better than our normal ones. I have been hankering after a slow cooker for simply ages and Lakeland FINALLY put me out of my misery and sent me one a few days ago. I have only been waiting for 2 years.

My first point of call is of course Mediocre Mum and her conversion tables. I will also be stopping by at Plus2Point4 who appears to be slow cooker queen.

But now… I am stumped. I need recipes. I need kid friendly recipes. I need recipes for my husband and me. I need ideas. I need beef recipes  and I need mince meat recipes.. I need lentil recipes… and I need chicken recipes!

PLEASE… will come and share your ALL TIME FAVOURITE family slow cooker recipes me? So I can be inspired? I can’t wait to give it all a go.


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