Easy Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Elderflower Cordial fills me of memories of Summer Country Fairs and lazy Summer afternoons, sipping cooled bubbly water with a dash of Elderflower Cordial. When we made our own Elderflower Cordial, my son said “Oh Mummy, it smells like Grandpa’s garden”.. I love how smell and memories go together hand in hand. And if you are enjoying a “classic British Summer”, Eldercordial is a must. It is so incredibly easy to make and tastes so good..

Elderflower Recipe

The only thing to remember, is that you need to make the Elderflower Cordial pretty much the same day as picking your Elderflowers -as they are a delicate flower and don’t keep well. Be ready!

Elderflower Cordial Recipe:

  • 1kg of sugar
  • 1.5 liters of boiling water
  • 25-30 Elderflower heads
  • 4 lemons
  • 50g Citric Acid (I bought ours online – US Readers, you can get it here)
  • Have enough screw top bottles ready for storage – make sure they are sterilised. *

*we ended up having to improvise and added a milk bottle with clingfilm to the mix. Ha! To be honest, the cordial will be drunk in no time, so it isn’t really a problem. You just don’t want to store all your cordial like this!

To  be honest the above are approximates.. you can scour the web for other Elderflower recipes and you will come up with variations of the above. The above worked for us very well and was delicious.

Elderflower Cordial How:

Easy Elderflower Recipes

1) Gently rinse your Elderflowers and put them to one side.

2) Put the sugar into a large pan (a bowl SHOULD be ok, but you MAY need to heat it).

3) Add the boiling water. In our instance the sugar disolved immediately. But you MAY need to heat it a little to make sure it is all disolved.

4) Let cool – we let it cool until it was warm (rather than cold). And the proceeded (we are impatient to make our Elderflower Cordial!!)

5) Grate your lemons and add.

6) Slice your lemons and add.

7) Add your rinsed Elderflowers

8) Add your Citric acid.

9) Cover with a cloth and leave for 48hours (or so).

10) Strain through a CLEARN muslin to get all the little bits out and fill into sterilised bottles.

We enjoy Edlerflower cordial diluted with cold bubbly water. You can also use it for cooking and puddings.

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