Summer Learning Program from Sun Scholars

Well, those of you that read Red Ted Art regularly may know, that I am a huge fan of the lovely Sun Scholars. A wonderful website full of kids activities – in particularly fun crafts  that I love. You will find things that Rachel makes for her children and with her children – and recently her 9yrs old daughter made a wonderful Guest Craft for Red Ted art – really it was fantastic. Clearly Sun Scholars is doing something right with her kids!

So when she asked me to take a peak at her Summer Learning Program, I jumped at the chance.

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I new it would be well thought out and thorough and yet fun! And it IS!

Sun Scholars sent through activities for 12 weeks worth of at home “learning” – designed to prevent the well researched “Summer Leanring Dip” that many kids experience, this a week for week set of activities to involve 4-9yrs olds.

The first things I noticed as I went through were:

* How the activities involve a range of ages, so that younger siblings can join in.

* How the activities seem like things that I (!) would like to do with the kids – learning that is fun and interesting! (e.g. reading the addresses on the mail and charting where the mail has come from on a map – my son would adore this).

* How the program is thorough providing you with a GOOD hours work each day, however that you can dip in and out of it and make it fit you and your children’s needs.

The activities do require a little prep each week by mom (e.g. printing off handy templates, getting one or two items for the store cupboard – e.g. peanut butter for some baking), but it feels like an hour or so a week and then you are all set to go for that week’s activities. Which I think considering you are providing your child with perfect learning opportunities that are interesting and fun, is a reasonable amount of time to invest.


What do I think? I think it is BRILLIANT! The holidays in the UK are only 6-8 weeks, so we will not need the full 12 week program. But I am planning of using elements of the rest for our Easter holidays (i.e now) and also, that means I get to pick my “favourite” lesson plans!

Well done Rachel, I think it is fantastic! Thanks for letting us take a peak!

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