The ABC of Kid’s Baking Ideas

As you may have guessed… we do like a bit of baking here on Life At The Zoo. I think the children love the licking of spoons and the eating of cakes. So I thought you may enjoy The ABC of Kid’s Baking Ideas. 26 baking ideas to keep you and the kids happy!

Oooh and I just had a thought.. my Kids and I are going to bake these all over again and “eat ourselves through the alphabet”.

A – ABC Cookies – There is only ONE way to start this ABC of Kid’s Baking Ideas… and that is with a set of Alphabet Cookies. We first made these a couple of years ago and I can say hand on heart that that is the day my son started learning the letters for his name. A fabulous way to sneak in a bit of fun learning AND have a tasty treat!

B – Blackberry Cupcakes. Mmmh these are deliciously simple to make and to be honest, you can use any berry to make these cupcakes. They would be delicious with Raspberries or blueberries too. Check the recipe for instructions.

kids baking

C – Cat Cupcakes – Oooh a double “C”, even better. These cute cupcakes were made by The Imagination Tree. And lucky us, she brought to them a play date at our house. Yum and adorable.

D – Donuts – of course what else could we have but donuts. I love the recipe and instructions over on King Arthur Flour, as these donuts are for baking in the oven – no dangerous hot oil near the kids and a lot healthier too. Now I want a donut tray! And check out these pretty baked chocolate and vanilla donuts from Cook Au Vin. Yum.

E – Easter Nests – of course – such a wonderful childhood classic and certainly would have to be part of any ABC of Kid’s Baking Ideas!!

F – F for Frankenstein – We love a good Cookie Pop (check out T!), and these Frankenstein Cookie Pops are no exception. Again easier than you think and will delight any child into “ghoulish things” or Halloween trick or treater.

Traditional Gingerbread Men - Baking with Kids


Traditional for Christmas, I know, but we do like to make a sneaky gingerbread man all year round! A gingerbread recipe we have been using for years.

H – Heart Shaped Whoopie Pies – these are not only DELICIOUS (of course they are, would I bake and share a recipe of anything that isn’t?!), but also are a great little Valentine’s treat 0r maybe make them for Granny on her Birthday or for Mummy & Daddy on their anniversary? The heat shaped cookie cutting is of course the best bit, as you get to eat all the left overs!

baking with kids

I – Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes – I first stumbled across these fun fun fun cupcakes when I started blogging 3 years ago. I think they are such fun and looks fabulous and I am yet to make these with the kids.  Here is a set by a Southern Fairy Tale.

baking with kids

J – Jam Tarts

Another simple baking activity for kids. Buy ready made pastry or make your own (really, it is EASY). Check the rest of our “how to make easy jam tarts” here.

K – Kiwi Cake – of course…. well maybe not of course, I had never ever heard of this cake before, but I am intrigued and sure would like to try it. Check out the wonderful guest post by Creative Play House over on Toddler Approved for the recipe.

L – Lemon Forkies – or should these be under F for Forkies. I love the “Forky” cookie idea, it is easy for kids to do, is fun and it looks great. This recipe is a Lemon Butter Cookie and is scrummy.

M – for Mini Chocolate Cupcakes. I was really tempted to share our Monster Cookies with you.. but along came these Mini Chocolate Cupcakes from Lesson Learnt Journal.. so I went with these instead as they look so yummy!

N – Nutty Tray Bake – another recipe that I am yet to try with the kids and from an “non kid website” Channel 4 Food. However, I am a strong believer in baking and cooking “whatever” with the kids and not “just” kid targetted recipes. This Nutty Tray Bake looks delicious we want to have a go!

ABC kids baking ideas

O – Owl – The next The ABC of Kids Baking is O for Owl. thought these Owl Cupcakes were really rather cute. Using some simple home treats and sprinkles you can make these too. Ideal for any Owl loving family, for a “cute “Halloween” or little people that like pink (though of course you can make them in any colour!).

baking with kids

P – Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies. I am salivating already. Chaos in the Kitchen shares this mouth watering recipe with us.

baking with kids

Q – Quiche – another one of our Savoury Dishes and a great way to get kids to learn all about cooking and baking is this quiche – the recipe is a “basic one”, but you can get creative and inventive with what you put in. We like broccoli and sweetcorn. But anything goes.  A recipe is provided for the pastry or you can make life even easier and buy it in the shop.

ABC of baking

R – Rainbow Cookies – oh my, we haven’t made these in aaaaages and I am now reminded to do these magical rainbow cookies with the kids again. A great way to sneak in a little colour theory too!!

Kids baking ideas

S – Soda Bread – not only is this bread tasty, it contains no yeast (hurray, always the bit that makes me stumble) and it is “NO MESS”. Can’t get better than that. And the kids adore making their own bread. A perfect contribution to the ABC of Kid’s Baking!

T – Traffic Light Cookie Pops – these are a fabulous alternative to all the “trendy” cake pops out there. I am yet to master making cake pops, but until then Cookie Pops it is (see our Frankenstein Cookie Pops above)!

U – for Umbrella – Cute Food for Kids came up with this rather simple but super effective umbrella cupcake idea. Love it!

V – Vanilla Kipferl – there are no other V posts I could possibly share with you on this ABC of Kid’s Baking, as Vanille Kipferl are SO adored in our house. And instantly inhaled when they are brought out. They are simple to look at, but oooh so delicious. Yum.

W – Wheels on the Bus… oh no, now I can’t The wheels on the bus song out of my head. What has that Rainy Day Mum done! Here we have a super easy, but tasty savoury OR sweet “wheels” baking idea. I think we will make some this afternoon.

X – for XXX – Hugs and Kisses of course! Or you can mkae these cute cookies and play Tic Tac Toe! Perfect for Valentines, play times or whenever. Recipe shared by Bake at 350. The only problem.. how do I stop the kids “playing with their food”?!

Y – Yoghurt Muffins – again, because they are quick and easy to make. The children can easily help with the measuring and we regularly bring these on play dates with us!

Z – is for Zoo – The ABC of Baking with Kids surely had to end with Z for Zoo!!! Here we have some fun Zoo animals by non other than the fabulous Betty Crocker. Hooray.

So this is it our ABC of Kid’s Baking Ideas!! I do hope you enjoyed reading the alphabet with us, we certainly have!

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