Gorgeous Cook Books for the Family

Whilst at Britmums Live, I was given two FABULOUS Cook Books for all the family:

61yR6uk2HiL._SX385_Step by Step Vegetarian Food and Mama’s Italian Family Cook book, both by Parragon Books.

Step by Step Vegetarian Food – We are not a vegetarian family, but we do like to eat vegetarian on a regular basis and I am forever looking for new and tasty ideas that the kids will enjoy eating.

The first thing that is notable about the books, is the lovely step by step photography. Many cook books have one lead image (if that) per meal and that is it, but this book has many more. Making each dish look simple, inviting and totally “do able”.

I love that the book begins by explaining good substitute foods – e.g. replacing eggs with tofu and milk with nut milk etc, as well as providing a list of storecupboard basics. I hate finding a delicious recipe to cook and then not having the basic ingredients “in”. So the list itself is a huge help.

As to recipes? You will find a variety of tarts – made attractive and simple (e.g. making them large or as individual tarts in muffin trays), suggestions for more unusual foods such a Jersualem artichokes (we have some growing in the garden, so am VERY happy about this.. es we usually end up eating soup with it!), risotto and casserole ideas (always good, if you don’t have ALL the ingredients to hand). I particularly like the look of the chickpea casserole and will be giving that a go very soon!


Mama’s Italian Family Cook book

This books makes you feel, as if you REALLY ARE reading Mama’s cookbook – the sort of book, where someone has tucked in notes and recipes and information to feed the family. I love all the additional family photo graphs and tips and tricks for “cooking for all the family”!

You will find everything in this book from the classic pizza’s, minestrones and rissottos. Of course, else it wouldn’t be a classic italian cookbook. But I also love the section on puddings – I have never attempted making ice cream and now I am so inspired and really want to have a go (especially as we are currently mid Summer and the kids would love it). But it also has Pana Cotta and a delicious looking Chocolate & Almond Tart… mmmh, I think that will be my first bake, followed by some Almond Biscotti. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?

But don’t worry, plenty of good healthy dishes in this book too. From Broccoli Rabe Gratin to simple but flavour-some looking salads and main courses.

But books will be much used in ours, I am sure!

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