I have been taged by the lovely Me The Man And The Others for the Versatile Blogger award. This is just a bit of fun in the blogging community. A great way to learn about each other and share some fun facts!!!  And I am sure you want to know all about me.. right?!?! So. Here are 7 ahem FUN FACTS!!!


Ha. Yes, this is a weird one to start off with. Why talk about “hate” when you can “love”… but it is on a topic that I am really passionate about. And though it makes me sound like a terrible ba humbug, I do think that in this world of over consumption it is important to stop and pause for thought. So… be ready to hate me.. and read all about why I think you should NOT EAT POPCORN AT THE CINEMA! Read it with an open mind…. and hopefully you won’t get cross with me!!!


Hahahaha again, I am giving away all my terrible secrets… but you know, I think that is ok. My kids have SO MUCH STUFF. They get to go on SO MANY TRIPS. They get to see and travel the world…. I think it is important to teach them that actually, you don’t need everything all the time. One of my favourite things to do with the kids is explore London for Free. London is an expensive city, I know. And so many people complain how expensive it is. However, you can REALLY enjoy London with kids and it does not have to cause a fortune. And the kids know this! Find out what we like to do in London and how to make it afforadable.


Well.. I am not always green.. I do try my best, but I do have my pet hates. I have two in particularly – plastic bags (thank goodness, the anti plastic bag movement has FINALLY started.. but I have been anti plastic bags since I can remember….) and also NAPPIES. Oh yes, I know this is a tricky one.. as well nappies are gross. But really the un biodegradable nappy mountain is a terrible thing. We decided early on to go down the cloth nappy route and loved it. Yes, it cost a little more upfront (but not in total), yes it was a little more work, but oh it felt good not to add to the rubbish pile.


I HAVE to have a cup of tea in the morning. I really can’t function without one. But does that saying new about me.. mmmmh I am not sure. I am probably with 95% of the country on this one (go away you weird 5% that prefer to drink coffee… hahahahaha).


What is a flexitarian I hear you exclaim. Another weird food fad. Well.. yes and no. Officially a flexitarian is someone who mostly eats vegetarian or vegan even.. but occassionally does eat meat. Well if you add “mostly” and “occassionally”, then maybe I am not totally a flexitarian. But what I am.. is someone who is trying to get my meat eating family to eat a) more healthy and b) more consciously. As a generation we devour too much food and far too much meat! We need to eat less. And my encouraging my family to have “vegeterian days” it opens up the discussion around food, what and how we eat. And if we manage 2 meat free days a week? WEll that may not be a vegetarian.. but look at it like this: if EVERYONE had 2 meat free days, that would be a 28% reduction in meat eaters overall… wouldn’t that make a great impact!


Oh back to the self flagilation.. mwahahahaha. My weakness is chocolate. Yeah, no relevation there. But weirdly it is chocolate at about 7:30pm. It is almost pavalovian (a bit like the popcorn at the cinema). Kids go to bed. I WANT TO EAT CHOCOLATE. It is terrible. And I simply can’t break the cycle.


Yep… I walk everywhere.. and I don’t drive. Well, I can drive.. I just haven’t driven in about 18mths.. and I continue to try and get out of driving. No idea where this has suddenly come from. But I do like to walk and I aim to do 10,000 steps (ish) a day. I love Fitbit and how it motivates me to get moving.

There. I hope that was vaguely interesting!

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