As You Go Learning Activities: Hide & Seek

Welcome back to week 2 of the “Fun Learning As You Go” activities – or should I say “learning opportunities”. These are little games and activities that you can do quickly and easily each week that helps your child’s learning in some area or another. Last week we had colour and shape recognition in playing “I spy”.

This week’s activity is the humble “Hide & Seek”.

My kids ADORE hide and seek. They could play it all day. In fact, they probably DO play it all day!

But… did you realise – what a brilliant way it is for them to learn to count? Oh yes – the 2.5yrs old is suddenly VERY interested in counting to 20 (she can’t yet by the way, but that is beside the point – she WANTS to..).

Our main challenge is to get the children to actually count “properly”… I always count with them and slowly and if they miss a number get them to repeat the missed one.

So don’t think Hide & Seek, but think – simple counting game. Our key variations:

* Count backwards (tricky for my 4.5yrs old – a real learning opportunity).

* Hide small toys: Should you for any reason not have the energy or mobility to run around a house, this is for you! Hide a small toy in your sock, pocket, behind a pillow or where-ever. It is just as FUN! Trust me.

Counting opportunity sorted.

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