Baby Led Weaning – Follow the Leader, Melon & Bananas

Here is a flash back to our life with Baby Led Weaning – it made feeding Pip Squeak and a Toddler at the same time SO much easier and Pip Squeak got used to different textures much more quickly than her brother did at the same age.

The key is to follow your instincts and watch your baby at all times.

When I was struggling to make the decision to do Baby Led Weaning, a friend made a really interesting observation/ comment: she has been bay led weaning her baby from the start. A friend of hers tried giving her 9-10month old some finger food (having seen how well the baby led weaning baby ate) and the older baby chocked and “sicked it all up”, much to her horror and dismay! The thought was: if you let them have finger food from small on, they learn to eat it – they learn to feel what it is like in the mouth, they learn to chew (with gums), they learn not too have too big a piece. The baby led weaning baby will at first lick, suck and push little pieces around.The older baby hadn’t learnt any of this. I am sure you can convert an older baby – you just need to take it slowly and watch them closely. Give them a chance to learn and not frighten themselves!!!

Will stick to pear, banana and sweet potato for a few days/ maybe a week (these were the first foods Red Ted had), maybe make them both some steamed apple slices and then let her explore some more.

Onwards and upwards!

I know they say that the whole thing about Baby Led Weaning is to follow your instincts, so you don’t really need any books or manuals. I subscribe to that. The only problem though, is that it takes you a while to figure out a few things:

  • Slippery fruit, leave some skin on – easier to hold and baby will gnaw around it.
  • All food should be at least 2inch long: gives baby something to grip with enough sticking out on top to suck.

Since doing these, Pip Squeak has really explored -carrot & boroccolli today. Melon yesterday. I know the photo inserted isn’t a “proper” BLW photo, as she is only sitting in front of food, but I had to just post it! As I think it is lovely **Proud mum**. She did have a good suck on the melon and the skin really helped.

What is REALLY interesting about BLW, isn’t just that Pip Squeak is happy, but that Red Ted ADORES having some lunch and supper with Pip Squeak. He just wants to feed her stuff and for her to have the same as him. He loves it. Two happy babies!

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