Book of The Week – Letters From Father Christmas

tolkien booksChristmas? In August? I know I know… but this is such a GORGEOUS book, I wanted to give you a chance to buy it in time for the great Christmas countdown… A wonderful book by none other than the great J R R Tolkien: Letters From Father Christmas – is a book of imaginary letters written from Father Christmas to Tolkien’s children. The amazing thing is, that Tolkien ACTUALLY wrote these to his children and only later were the letters compiled into a book. The book has a copy of the original letter, plus a transcript and you can see how Tolkien himself gets more and more into writing the letters. And he starts adding adorable little drawings. The stories are terribly endearing telling us all sorts of things about the North Pole and what Father Chirstmas and his helpers get up to. How busy things are and the adventures and troubles that Father Christmas gets into. A gorgeous (chapter book) read, sure to spark the children’s imagination. This will most definitely form part of OUR Christmas reading list this year!

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