DIY Gift Boxes

You do know that we absolutely ADORE all things handmade? Right? And we also love, not only MAKING OUR GIFTS (e.g. have a go at our Salt Dough Recipe to make some keepsakes), but then to use our own DIY gift boxes.. or alternatively – what if your loved one wants a very specific present? In which case, it is great to personalise the gift with a pretty DIY Gift Box, surely???? Here are some GREAT suggestions for making fun, inexpensive and QUICK gift boxes for family and friends. The kids particularly can help make these! And many of the ideas work really well as Party Bags too!Over 15 Quirky Gift Box ideas for kids to make and enjoy! Great for individual gifts or party treat boxes

I love how many of these DIY Gift Box ideas are made from recyclable or just plain paper – which means you can make them any time any place. My favourite, however, has to be the Pirate Treasure Box, I mean.. how adorable and cute is that? And so so soooo easy to make! And once you have received a gift in it.. keep for some imaginary play! LOVELY! Go and check out these ideas today!!!

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