Olive The Ostrich….. Or on “One To One” Time

Disclaimer – Nickelodeon invited us out for the day!

The Boy and I haven’t had the chance for proper “one to one” time in quite a while now… yes, we have been to the odd Birthday Party together, leaving The Girl home with daddy. But that isn’t quite the same thing. That is just ferrying The Boy too and fro.

So when the lovely people from Nickelodeon invites us in for a day with Olive the Ostrich – doing some art and singing – I had our opportunity. A lovely friend agreed to look after The Girl and off we went.

We didn’t know much about Olive the Ostrich – mainly because I tend to steer clear of TV channels that carry adverts – I would rather buy the same programms on DVD.

And was pleasantly surprised – Olive the Ostrich is all about Art and imagination! Olive is different to the rest of her family, she doesn’t like running fast, nor does laying huge eggs appeal to her… she would much rather stick her head in the sand and disappear into her own world. And the wonderful thing being: her own world is animated by primary children from across the UK. How wonderful is that? Working with The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts to seek out primary schools that would particularly benefit from involving and boosting the children’s art confidence.

Here is an example for you to watch:

We met the creator of Olive – Oli Hyatt  – what a wonderful man indeed – he was fantastic with the kids, great at putting them at ease and so wonderfully passionate about his work.

The kids got treated to seeing how animations are made – The Boy was SO impressed to see his favourite TV characters being brought to life on the animators’ screens. And finally relaxed (up until then he was in “shy mode”, which is a shame, as he didn’t draw as enthusiastically as he normally would).

We then had some lunch and THEN had another exciting adventure – we went to a recording studio to record a short part of the “Olive the Ostrich” Pop Song chorus. The kids had a BRILLIANT time and such a giggle.

What a lovely day indeed and we were so pleased to be asked along. Thanks for having us and getting us involved in such a wonderful programme.

And I am so pleased that I decided to just take The Boy, yes his sister would have enjoyed it too… but to be honest, it was really good for us to spend some time together. He was chatting away to me all the way and it was lovely to be able to focus on just him!

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