Music for Kids – DIY Bottle Xylophone

Time for a little Musical Instrument Craft for Kids to make AND a simple Science lesson. See how to make a DIY Bottle Xylophone. The rainbow is just to brighten it up and for fun!

Bottle XylophoneWe had fun with coloured water and bottles today – making our very own DIY Bottle Xylophone. So easy to do and lots of fun. Especially on rainy days like today. Actually, this would be lovely on a nice day too.

Very easy – 6 bottles, fill to different levels with water and food colouring for effect and off you go.

Have a listen at our very own DIY Xylophone. Click on the image to visit my Instagram account and then click again!



You can talk to the kids about hte Science of music too. Why do the different bottles sound differently? Can they guess which will be highest and which will be lowest? How would the sounds differ if you blow into your bottle and can you figure out why?

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