Flower Sensory Play

This post is dedicated to both my wonderful Mother in Law and The Imagination Tree. My Mother in Law for letting The Girl wonder around her garden picking a BEAUTIFUL set of flowers to play with. The Imagination Tree for reminding me… to just let them play. The Imagination Tree is the queen of Sensory Play┬áideas and Playdough. Something that I haven’t really focussed much on myself (I am far to focussed on kids crafts at times!). She regularly reminds me to just let the kids do what they want to do. Also, you may be interested in the recent fascination with DIY Slime.. if you are looking for SAFE No Borax Slime Recipes, we found a great selection for you!

I have no idea if she has a Flower Sensory Bin post, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she did. This one, is for you!

flower sensory play

So what do you do? Collect flowers.. let them play.

  • We had lots of arranging on the floor going on.
  • We had lots of arranging by size.
  • We had lots of picking of petals.
  • And at the very end we had some “flower arranging”.

Both kids took part.

  • The Girl, was telling me all about how soft some the petals felt.
  • The Boy, was telling me all about how lovely the lavender smelled.
They learnt about textures, colours and smell. About sizes and about how things can be fragile.

Truly lovely.

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