Get your kids growing with the widest range of seeds

There are all sorts of great ways to involve children in gardening. One of the best is to get them to grow plants from seed. Children enjoy getting their hands dirty, and the extra labour is useful for your own horticultural efforts. So try some seeds for kids, from a reputable retailer like Seeds By Post.

Nature (Carrot)

First of all, choose a species that they will be excited to plant. Sunflowers are always a favourite as children are obsessed with their own height, and they like the idea of the big flower heads towering over them. A little friendly competition between schoolmates and neighbours also keeps them interested. Unwins Giant Sunflower is great for this. It can grow four metres high, which is larger than some bungalows.

What’s more, do your kids have trouble eating vegetables? They won’t if they grow their own. Anything a child grows becomes something cherished and prized for them. Better yet, home grown veggies always taste better. Among Thompson and Morgan’s seeds for kids range, you’ll find pumpkins, tomatoes, radishes, runner beans, carrots and more. When they water the plants every day, you can build their anticipation of the great flavour the food will make. The seed stock is high quality too, which helps to stop kids getting their hopes dashed. For faster results, you can also grow cress in a few days.

Those with a sweet tooth will love ‘Tomato Candy Tots’. This super sweet variety produces lots of delicious fruits, which are a healthier alternative to sugary snacks. Then there’s Popcorn Fiesta. When grown, these seeds for kids turn into kernals that make great popcorn, and they come in multiple colours from fire engine red to buttery yellow. Moreover if you have boys, they’ll love growing chillies too. Try ‘Apache Chilli’. It’s a hardy variety that makes lots of little fruits, and being fiery hot, it’ll win them a great deal of kudos in the playground.

Of course, children also love bugs. You can bring more insects into your garden with the ‘Attract Butterflies Collection Pack’. The plants look great, and the children can spot the different butterflies during the summer season. You might even find chrysalides. Another way to get kids into growing flowers is to try Cosmos Atrosanguineus. This is the famed ‘Chocolate Cosmos’ which has reddish brown petals, and better yet, smells strongly of chocolate milkshake!

Finally, as a little extra this summer. If you love Summer Crafts for Preschoolers, you may want to check out this adorable little Summer Four Seasons Tree to make! So cute and easy!

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