DIY Garden Ideas for Kids

Hooray, it is SPRING!!!! And we can’t wait to spend some more time OUTDOORS! If you have kids and are looking for some fun or educational DIY Garden Ideas for Kids.. take a peek at what we have listed for you!

This post was first shared in April 2016

If you don’t have much space or want a little project for summer.. here is a cute “mini DIY garden” that the kids can make all themselves. All you need is a containe, some earth, some seeds and “bits and bobs” and off you go. Get the kids to look after their mini garden all summer. You can keep this mini garden both indoors and out!


Awesome GRASS HEADS that the kids will LOVE to make!

DIY Garden Ideas for Kids

A bug hotel is a GREAT Garden Idea for Kids and these Easy Bug Hotels are great for children of ANY AGE! A wonderful way to upcycle AND get closer to nature. The kids will love collecting all the different “bits and pieces” and then bringing them together in this fun and easy way.

London Canal Walks - upcycled container WALL garden. So pretty!

This upcycle pallet garden wall isn’t strictly speaking a kids garden craft, but it can certainly be a collaborative project. It will teach the kids the value of upcycling and they will love working together on this. Simply beautiful. This pallet wall garden was spotted on our London Canal Walk!  Let’s see what bugs YOU can attract into your garden! See what other more grown up garden ideas you can combine this with?

Gardening with kids

One thing EVERY child should experience is a bit of planting. Make some super duper easy newspaper “Pots” and get the kids to write their own labels (a great way to sneak in some writing practice for sure!). Even if you never ever manage to grow and fruit or vegetables.. the process itself will be great for the kids to see and follow! You could also add a Craft Stick Craft and create craft stick plant markers!

DIY Garden Ideas for Kids

Check out this fabulous upcycled Juice Carton Bird Feeder! Isn’t it adorable. The kids will have great fun making this! There are LOTS more fabulous Bird Feeder Ideas here!

DIY Garden Ideas for kids - make a fairy garden

Here is a bright and cheerful Fairy Garden for Kids to make. It isn’t it wonderful? I Pure Heart has all the info. Alternatively, there are some GREAT Fairy Garden Kits online (US/ UK)!

DIY Garden Ideas for Kids - make your own mini garden pond

Here is a great idea – how about getting your kids involved in making a mini garden pond? This is a great way to attract local wildlife and teach the kids about nature too!

Finally, as a little extra this summer. If you love Summer Crafts for Preschoolers, you may want to check out this adorable little Summer Four Seasons Tree to make! So cute and easy!

Now lastly.. if you are looking for some great PLAY TOYS for the garden, here are some fanastic outdoor Toddler Play Equipment:

10 Summer Garden Toys to Keep Toddlers happy and busy

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