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Creepy Crawlies Science at HomeThis week’s Science at Home “hangout” explores Creepy Crawlies. Kids LOVE exploring the little creatures that live in our back yards and parks. So our science bloggers got together to discuss CREEPY CRAWLIES.

From keeping butterflies (no need to buy any!!) to bug hotels… look at what we have to share:





Creepy Crawlies


In order of appearance:

1) I kick of our creepy crawly session with our simple bug hotels. A great craft activity to make to get your bugs and creepies all cozy in your garden. We made one for the ground and one for hanging in the tree. Let’s see if we can attract different bugs and insects!

2) Blue Bear Wood speaks about the importance of classifications. What IS a bug and what IS classed as an Insect? How do you know which is what?

3) Rainy Day Mum explains how you can find and raise your own butterflies (we had some “shop bought” caterpillars last year, which were wonderful too).

4) And Inspiration Laboratories talks about exploration – I is for Insect Investigation!


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