5 Ways to Learn about Chinese New Year with Preschoolers

We LOVE exploring other cultures with the kids and creating our own family traditions. With Chinese New Year on the horizon it is a great opportunity to learn about this amazing and diverse country. Here are some of our favourite ways to learn about Chinese New Year with Preschoolers.

Chinese New Year Picture Books

There are many fabulous picture books that discuss Chinese New Year. Here are some of our favourites. Affiliate links have been added for convenience. Should you choose to purchase through these links, I will earn a small commission that goes towards the upkeep of this website!

We love the focus on the 12 Chinese New Year Animals iN Ruby’s Chinese New Year (US/ UK)

This Dragon Dance book is great as it focusses on “things to do” on Chinese New Year – and has some lovely flaps to lift! (US/ UK)

The dragon parade on the last page is our favourite!! Such a lovely way to learn about Chinese New Year (US/ UK)

East a Chinese Meal

Photo Credit – unsplash Pooja Chaudhary

Though many young children will not like food that looks different, it is still a good idea to get the children to try something new – or at the very least, for the children to see YOU enjoying something different. Every year we go for Dim Sum for Chinese New Year. I think the first year, my husband and I ate almost all of it ourselves.. the kids barely touched it. Now they enjoy probably about half of it. But Dim Sum definitely can be an aquired taste. Go for an “ordinary” chinese.. and my kids love the prawn crackers, spring rolls, prawns on toast and of course the Peking Duck. The great thing about Chinese food, is that generally speaking it is not spicey and the kids will often like the rice or noodle dishes.

If you have a China Town in your area, but are unsure where to go – check the restaurants that are fullest.. usually they are the best!

Chinese New Year Crafts & Activities

Ah well.. of course, now you have read some lovely Chinese New Year books… have eaten a Chinese meal.. how about some Chinese New Year Crafts! We have two absolute FAVOURITE Chinese New Year Crafts – the Paper Dragon Puppet and the Paper Plate Dragon Twirlers. Both come with free printables and are a “chinese new year” must!

Exploring the Chinese Zodia Animals

Which Chinese New Year Animal are you? As with the Western Zodiac, there are 12 different Chinese Zodia Animals – look up which one you are here. 2019 is the year of the pig! We have lots of great Year of the Pig Crafts here to browse. 2020 is the year of the Rat! We don’t have that many RAT crafts per se.. however I reckon some cute mouse crafts will do!!

Visit China Town and Watch the Dragons Dance

Photo Credit: unsplash

If you have a China Town near you, DO visit around Chinese New Year. There is nothing quite like seeing all the red lanterns up.. and if you are lucky you may even see a Dragon Dance!! The dragon dance costumes are amazing.. and hearing the beating drums are unforgettable!

I hope you have a Fantastic Chinese New Year!!!

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