Snow Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

If you are looking for an oh so simple but fun activity in the Snow for toddlers or Preschoolers, I say: Keep it simple – get out those diggers and trucks and ANYTHING you may normally find in the Sand Pit and let them go wild. On an aside.. if you can’t find “real” snow (hahaha like us here in the UK.. we did this on holiday), we have a great DIY Snow Recipe. Also is it is a great time of year to check out Bird Feeder Ideas and look after our feathered friends!!

Ice Play for Kids - activities to do in the snowThis is such a super duper simple activity to set up for them and lots and lots of fun. See what they create in the snow using their diggers and sand pit equipment – maybe they will make snow castles and igloos. Maybe tramadol overnight free delivery they will create a runway in the snow for airplanes. Let their imaginations run wild in the snow.

As we live in the UK, where there is VERY LITTLE SNOW.. and this year in particularly the weather is ridiculously warm , we actually reflect back fondly on this activity last Winter. We were lucky enough to visit friends in Austria and my kids FINALLY got to play with snow for a WHOLE WEEK. This Snow Activity was probably one of their favourites! Plus creating lots of snow puddings with buckets full of snow. Brrrrrriiillliant!

Also.. why not take a look a these fabulous and easy 3D Paper Snowflake how to, you may also love these  New Year’s Eve Crafts!

If you need some “indoor activities for 8-12yrs” – why not give these a go?!


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