Slow Cooker Recipes: Simple Roast Chicken

As you may know, we as a family, are new to slow cookers and crock pots. So I made a call for Crock Pot Recipes and had a great response (go take a peak). It is going to be my online recipe guide for the weeks to come. That and the recipes on Lakeland (who were kind enough to send us our fabulous Crock pot, which came complete with recipe book! Brilliant). (Can you tell, I am a hoarder of recipes! Ha!).

So to start us on our crock pot journey, we went for simple: slow cooked chicken – based on this chicken recipe – but simplified even more.


  • A whole medium chicken (fully defrosted)
  • One chopped onion
  • One piece of garlic
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • One lemon
  • Paprika
  • Thyme

Served with: Mashed potatoes and beans

1) Shop your onion and with the peeled garlic, push into the chicken ( like a simple stuffing)

2) Rub the chicken in oil, pour over the juice of one lemon add, salt, paprika and thyme.

3) Cook for 8-10hrs (we did 8.5hrs as our chicken a little smaller) on low heat setting

4) In the last half hour prepare your mash and beans

5) Once you have removed your chicken, pour the juices into a pan, reduce a little, add corn flour and thicken to make a gravy

Serve and enjoy!

Our Verdict:

  • Quick to do
  • The chicken very tender and fell off the bone – though now crispy skin (obviously)
  • The gravy delicious – lots of juices and flavours
  • The washing up MUCH more straight forward
  • The house doesn’t smell of roast chicken
  • Thumbs up for a delicious and easy meal

Our first Crock Pot Chicken DONE. I am so pleased (especially since Hubby did most of the work, hehehehe).

And thank you again to Lakeland for your super duper Crock Pot. This frees up so much blogging time for me….

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