Date Night: EASY Spicy Wedges & Steak

So..  I don’t know about you.. but since having kids, it is tricky for the “other half” and I to spend good quality time together. Sometimes, it is an issue of babysitters, other times it is an issue of just being too tired to go out! So, every so often we make an effort to create a meal for each other at home. Focussing on something that the other really enjoys. A lovely at home Date Night meal.

Now, my other half is a big meat eater. But I have “done the meat thing” to death…. and it didn’t seem very original to “just” buy him a nice steak (tastey and as appreciated as it may be). I wanted to spicy up a little.. literally…. So I wanted to make him some yummy spicy wedges to go with his steak! Much more memorable than “steak and chips” (chips, by the way, I am dreadful at making).

Making the wedges is super easy, super tasty and  went down a treat. I think it would make for a great side at any BBQ with friends too and would really impress them with your cooking skills.. eventhough they are ridiculously easy. The ease vs taste factor is just perfect.


Our Spicy wedges……..

  • Large potatoes
  • Sunflower oil
  • Salt
  • Cayenne Pepper**

** leave out the pepper and these make GREAT wedges for the kids too!

Yep! That is it – the secret ingredients is the cayenne pepper. Oh so easy and they taste oh so good. This is how you make them:

1) Give your potatoes a good scrub and then cut them into wedges. Not too big, so you that they don’t take too long too cook. I used 4 large potatoes between two of us (yes they are more-ish!).

2) Put into an oven proof dish or pan. Toss in the sunflower oil until they are all covered nicely. For our 4 potatoes, I used 2-3 tablespoons of oil.

3) Sprinkle your salt and cayenne pepper on top.

4) Put into the oven and turn to 180C.

5) In the first 15-20min or so, toss the wedges 3-4 times, to stop them sticking to your tray. Once, they start crisping up, you need to turn less. Bake in the oven for approx. 45min. Though do keep checking on them.

Once done, quickly fry your steak with some onions, add the delicious wedges and done! A dish for date night!

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