Easy Lemon Forkies

Oooh now here is an EASY PEASY recipe for you to make iwth the kids – Lemon Forkies. It is a simple cookie to whip up in no time with the kids. Makes for a great lunchbox addition and taste great with a lovely cup of tea!

They are simple and fun:

Ingredients (for approx 24 forkies):

  • 250g room temp unsalted butter
  • 85g icing sugar
  • rind of one lemon
  • 225g plain flour
  • 75g corn flour (corn starch in the US)
Preheat oven to 180C
  1. Mix your butter with the sugar and grated lemon ride until nice and smooth
  2. Add your flour and cornflour. Mix until a smooth dough. It may be quite sticky. 
  3. Wash your hands, dry and dust with flour.
  4. Then make ping pong ball sized pieces of dough and place on tray.
  5. Use your fork to squish flat and make patterns – Pip Squeak’s favourite bit.
  6. Bake at 180C for 15 min (or until golden brown). Let cool on a rack.
I may just take some with me on our next Movie Trip.
The recipe is shared from the book described below and we were kindly allowed to republish it.

I usually judge a cook or craft book, by quite how many things I fancy having a go at (actually having a go is a different matter). I then also judge the book by, “ooh I need xyz recipe, can I find it in…?”. I get many books to review and look at. And I have to confess The Great British Bake Off, Learn to Bake, made me totally bake happy. Flicking through, I thought “ooh, I would love to give that a go” and “aaaah would then kids like to make that” and “mmmh, that doesn’t look too tricky”. So whilst I like to make special Birthday Cakes (like our “Chocolate Hazelnut Cake“), I also like to keep things simple: a simple cake, tarted up, a simple cupcake decorated lovingly (see our Owl Cupcakes), a simple cookie that can made on short notice (mmmh Monster Cookies). No fancy ingredients (Well maybe the odd one). Such yummy and doable. This book is just that.

Oh and before I makei t sound like it is all cakes and cookies, it is not.. seriously tempted by the homemade sausage rolls and the ham & cheese tart!

I think it would make a great “let’s bake together as a family” book. Wonderful. Keeping this one and NOT donating it to the School Raffle. Ha.

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