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10 Summer Garden Toys to Keep Toddlers happy and busyHere comes the SUN!!! Yay, we can’t wait for Summer to be here. We have had lovely days on and off.. but we are SO ready for a proper Summer. And with Summer comes lots of time to play in our little garden. We thought you may enjoy seeing our favourite Toddler Garden Toys, that we have enjoyed, either playing with in our own (small) garden or at friends houses over the years. My kids are now at preschool and school age, so I think we have a good feel what they liked and didn’t like playing with in the garden! I hope you enjoy these ideas too and that you one or two of them will make your Summer with your toddlers more fun this year.

I would love to hear what your SUMMER HITS have been! Please do leave a comment and share your experiences too!

Please note, there are some affiliate links within this post, BUT, this is about the toys first and the affiliate second.


Toddler water table playFirst up we have a classic –   Water Wheel Activity Table – something that ALL KIDS seem to find irristible. They can play for hours with “water in”, “water out”. We love the water wheel addition, the little boats and the sturdy legs. Compliment it with your own toys, such as plastic cups, funnels or rubber ducks. I have to say, personally (!!!), I would not recommend a sand come water table – though fun in principle, you usually end up with a big wet mess and clogged up water wheel. PERSONALLY, I think just a water table is better (with a sandpit somewhere separate!).

toddler fun for the garden

Oh my goodness, this BUBBLE Trampoline is SUCH a fabulously fun idea.. the more the child bounces… the more bubbles it gets!!!! You have to have one for summer!!! US  (UK readers it is a bit expensive, but in case you want the link)

garden play ideas

Ha! Clearly not your “classic kids toy”, but I think this Classic Moving Sprinkler is JUST what you need for some Summer fun. Oh how I remember my own childhood, running up and down and trying not to get wet. Don’t go for a gimmiky kids’s one, just get this normal sprinkler, that is sturdy and reliable and the kids will have great fun with it!

toddler trampolinThis is a great “basic” and will give those energetic toddlers and opportunity to burn off that extra energy: Get yourself a Fold & Go Toddler Trampolin they are quick to set up and you can take the bar off for storage during winter months. Something that my kids seem to be able to spend hours on.

toddler garden activities

Our friends had one of these Height Adjustable Toddler Basket ball – will grow with your kids! and I think they are just too cute. The best thing is, that you do get “grow it with your kids. You can fill the base with sand (though it doesn’t come with sand), so either get some or have this set up against a wall for stability.

lawn games

We are GREAT Melissa & Doug fans they have so many great and well made toys and we are rather partial to this  Toss & Catch Game (There is also a Frog Version) – a great way to get that hand eye co-ordination going.

toddler slide

A good sturdy slide will always be popular too. This Folding Slide is great for storage (can you tell we have a tiny garden.. and we have been known to put it in one of these for extra Summer fun:

Paddling Pool

There is nothing quite like a Simple Paddling Pool for Cooling Down. All kids seem to adore them. (NOTE: NEVER LEAVE YOUNG CHILDREN UNSUPERVISED) Use as a Ball Pit in colder weather!

toddler summer activities

We do love to have hours of Creative Fun with Sidewalk Chalk (Or make your own!) Whilst the kids are small, it will be more about mark making, but as they get older, you can introduce letter formation, drawing and simple games.

easel (2)

Told you we love Melissa & Doug and we ADORE their Easel – Get Arty Outdoors – Melissa & Doug dry eraser/ chalkboard easel. I lov that this comes with the chalkboard and the dry eraser side and has a bar for scrolling paper on. Our friends have this and I am dying for one for the kids. Use it indoors or outdoors.

Art accessories

Do get some of the Melissa & Doug Art Accessories  to go with it. The no spill paint pots are particularly good.

toddler lawn games

Finally, we have a (ahem Melissa & Doug) Bean Bag Toss game. You can lie flat (as per the picture) or stand it up and make it a bit harder. With little kids it is all about co-ordination and throwing skills. Older kids will enjoy collecting points and practicing basic maths skills. Lovely.

As mentioned above – I would LOVE to hear what your favourite Toddler Summer Garden toys are.. please do leave comments below!

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Once you are all set with your garden toys.. why not make one of these fabulous Grass Head Crafts with your toddler? Teaching them all about planting and growing!

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