100 Days of Play – Get Active with Music

DancingWell, so excited that it is our turn to share our play activity with you today. You can find all the info about the 100 days of play in my earlier post.  Since then we have had 16 great play ideas which you can see on Sun Scholars’s PLAY page. I also wrote  about the Importance of Play (Part 1) and Part 2 over on Red Ted Art. Go over and have a read and see our play ideas there!

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The play challenge is about simple play ideas that you can do on a daily basis. Some may be more extravagant, others may be 5 minutes worth of simple playful fun. I love it when we play and also get active.. so I challenge you to:

  1. Putting on some music that the kids love
  2. And have a DANCE!!!!!!
  3. Go wild. Go crazy. Have FUN.

I am sure it will leave you feeling invigorated and the kids will love the attention! We did just this at the weekend. But as I was mid silly dance (and really you do not want to see me doing my silly dance), I share with you a little dance the kids did about 18 months ago. But you get my drift!

So. Off you go and have a boogie!!

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