Class Room Advent Calendar

The lovely people from Hobby Craft sent this gorgeous Advent Calendar.

I thought it would be lovely to take it into The Boy’s classroom. And add little notes each day – like “sing a song” or “read a Christmas story”, I will lend the teacher our favourite Christmas books and on certain days I will come in and make little Christmas crafts with them.

I am SO excited!

(Oh and here is my top tip to manage any Activity Calendar:

1) Fill the first week or so and do the rest as you go along. The children will not know any different!

2) Think about the days you will be “at home” or out and about and adjust your activity accordingly – e.g. a Sunday may be a good day for a long craft, whilst a busy weekday, would suit a quick Christmas song better. – in terms of the class room calendar – pick short things for Saturday and Sunday, so the class can “catch up” on Monday)

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