Easy Jingle Bracelet

Well.. this really is one of the easiest Musical Instrument Crafts of all time.. how to make an easy jingle bracelet. A super cute and simple Christmas Craft for Preschoolers! The jingle bracelets look super festive, SOUND super festive and are of course OH SO EASY to make!! Even a toddler can do it!

Thank you Honest Mum for sharing this little festive craft for Preschoolers with us!

Easy Jingle Bracelet - Christmas Crafts for Preschool

Easy Jingle Bracelet Craft for Preschool – Materials

  • snazzy pipecleaners
  • bells (we actually “upcycle” many from the lindt chocolate santas and bunnies, but you can also buy mixed sets online)

How to make a Jingle Bracelet

As you can imagine, these jingle bracelets for preschoolers really are super duper easy to make! I don’t even think we need to really write instructions for it! However, just in case you do need them.. here we go!

Begin by cutting your pipecleaner to size. For preschoolers or toddlers, one pipecleaner should JUST about be enough to make two bracelets. For older kids and grown ups, you may just need to shorten the pipecleaner a little to make a nice fit.

Then flex those fine motor skills and get the kids to thread on the jingle bells. This is a GREAT opportunity to discuss colours and size order with the children too. Of course, they can simply pop  the bells on in any way they wish.. but you can also get them in order if you wish to add a little learning opportunity!

Once all the jingle bells have been threaded on, simply twice the two pipecleaner ends together and pop over you wrist.

Your DIY Pipe Cleaner Jingle Bracelet is finished!! Isn’t it cute? Such a super sweet and festive DIY Musical Instrument too!

I hope you like it!

We have many more fabulous Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers for you to explore over on Red Ted Art. Why not hop over and have a good browse!! We particularly love the pipecleaner mini wreaths and ice ornaments. So fun.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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