Cook & Craft Books: Cookie Dough, Craft-A-Day, Fill in The Blank

I have shared any crafty books with your for a while.

craft a dayCraft-A-Day

By Sarah Goldschadt the other of Sah-Rah.comCraft-A-Day is a cute book to inspire you on a daily basis! I know some people would find a craft a day a little daunting (how do I keep up?!), but this book has a clever idea – you get a craft DESIGN per week, which then is adapted on a daily basis – e.g. you may get a cute bear softie design – and you can use the same bear one day to make a card, the next to make a Christmas tree ornament and the next as a cupcake decorate. Making it all rather do-able! Alternatively, you could take “one week” and use it for your party planning – e.g. the rainbow week – again, with great cards (party invites), straw decoration (at the party) or cupcake topper. As all of it is in clean simple design, it will appeal to both you and the kids – some crafts focussing on children, others on adults (love the Moustache ideas! Or e.g. there are also little pin cushion ideas). A lovely book. I think this also would make for a great gift!

Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook

Oh my goodness, what is not to love about this book?! My kids (and ahem, I) ADORE cookie dough. Needless to say, you don’t want to eat dough with raw eggs in it, or that may upset your stomach. Here is a cookie dough recipe  book that contains LOTS of recipes and ideas of edible dough. Mmmh. Heaven. My kids certainly will be. There are marshmallows and cookie pops, peanut butter cups, icecreams and popsicles.  All of them look more delicious than the next! My only concern: how do I stop myself from eating it all? Can’t wait to get stuck in.

Fill in The Blank

By Muratyan Varham and Elodie Chaillous

Oooh now this is a fun book – in essence a book to get you drawing! There are pages of “prompts” to get you arty – e.g. “You are  A Punk” page, you have a dozen bald heads to decorate, “You are  A Chef” Page you have 6 dinner plates to fill with food. I love the quirky prompts and the ease with which you feel drawn to get drawing. I think having “several goes” (6 plates/ 12 heads) under one theme, gives you the opportunity to just go for it and not come up with “one brilliant” design. “One design”, can be so intimidating, that you never put pen to paper. Also, the prompts are so broad, that you WILL find something that gets your pen itching. Definitely a book to stimulate creativity – especially in those of us, who need a little help.

Would make a nice gift!

Would you like to win a copy of Craft-A-Day?

All you have to do is “take a look inside” the Cookie Dough book and say what you would like to make first


  • Open to the UK only
  • One entry per person
  • Competition closes on 11 September 2012, at 11pm GMT
  • Winner will be chosen at random
  • The Craft A Day will be sent out to the winner in October 2012 and the postal and delivery of the book is the responsibility of the publisher and NOT Life At The Zoo.
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