Days out London: Discover, The Children’s Story Centre

Discover has been on my radar for quite some time now. Friends of ours that live in the “East End” haved raved about it for ages and have urged us to go for quite some time. As it is the Summer holidays and there really is VERY little time for this sort of thing in term time, we decided to go along on a whim.


The Discover Centre is, well just that, a centre of stories and discovery. The entrance fee, gets you into the building, the wonderful playground in the back and the story time/ play sessions. You will feed reading nooks and mirrors to draw on. You will find slides and a wooden spoons to decorate. There are robot masks to colour. Trip trap bridges to cross and a light and sound room to make cows moo and cats meow. We spent less time in the garden, but we did have a go on the slide and had a little climb. If the garden is the same as the inside then there is lots to explore.

the children's story centre

Making Wooden Spoon Puppets


On our Space Mission

In addition, the Discover centre runs (or at least ran) two “events” whilst we were there. One was the Journey to Space, to help find Major Tom. The other was a story session on big comfy cushions with one of the stuff (we got another fabulous space story).

The Girl (3.5) was a little vary of going on the Space mission at first, but with some gentle coaxing she came along… and …. LOVED IT. The first thing she told Daddy about was ” WE WENT ON A ROCKET DADDY”. She loved it all. The “space trip” is basically a session in imaginary play with some well thought out and fun “rooms” to explore. You have a member of staff “leading you through the adventure” to find Major Tom. With the use of overhead projections and props it really was fun. The children have decipher code and look for fuel and find food. They loved it! Really very imaginative and fun.

Story Time with The Girls Spoon Puppet

Days out in London

Trip Trapping Amongst the Trees

So. Overall? What did we think? Worth a visit? Absolutely yes! Ideal for ages 3-6yrs (I think).

It is a short walk from Stratford Station – ask the staff for the High Street, so you head to the in the right direction. There are water fountains and a small shop with drinks and SOME snacks. So, would recommend taking a long a little food. The earlier you get there, the better (as the crafts area won’t be “messed up”) and do let the kids just play.

We spent a good 2 hours there, could easily have stayed another hour or so, but my kids were getting tired and we had friends to visit in the area.

Disclaimer: The Children’s Story Centre kindly invited us along for the day. But these words and thoughts are my own/

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