A visit to Build-A-Bear

A couple of weeks I ago, I first mentioned that we were planning a trip to Build-A-Bear. The kids have been SO EXCITED about going ever since I told them and they  have been counting down the sleeps to the BIG DAY. And the wait and the count down was totally worth it. The kids loved it.

The staff were super friendly. Fabulous with kids. So so so patient and made it a truly lovely experience.

I both kids – my just turned 5yrs old  girl and almost 7yrs old son. Well, what was so lovely about the experience? The whole thing – just how it is all set up, how well trained the staff are and how cute the process… here is the process:

1st You choose an “empty bear”. There were loads to choose from and this can almost be the hardest part of the process!. The lady who was looking after us was terribly nice and let them take as much time as they wanted/ needed to.


They also currently have a lovely Spots of Fun Pup at the moment, which helps raise much needed cash for Children in Need until the end of the year! LOVE the seasonal toys they have too, like this Rudolph!

Changing of minds was fine and finally they both settled on their chosen toys (Elsa Bear and Camo bear!).


Then you get to test all the buttons to decide what “sound effects” your bear is going to make. The children started to warm up a little and to loose some of their shyness. Lucky for me, the kids picked a rendition of Let it Go.. and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… hahaha. I will never hear the end of it!


Having been introduced to the amazing “filling machine”, they got to fill their cuddly toys… giving them a good test cuddle to see if they were full enough! Then add some more stuffing.

Then comes the REALLY cute bit – you each take a heart and you wake it up. Rubbing. Kissing. Blowing… and then you stuff in it your teddy to wake it up!DSC_1553

There are also some optional “scents” if you want your bear to smell of strawberries or gingerbread!

You then get to take them to the “bath station” for a blow dry and comb!

Next they get dressed and get to choose an outfit, hats and shoes. Else got a funky onesie and bunny slippers, Camo Bear got a football outfit.. oh how my kids are predictable!!!

And THEN we got a  certificate and they got have a go at playing on the computers!!!

Thank you Build-A-Bear for a truly lovely day out.

Wonderful bears. Wonderful staff. Wonderful experience!

Disclaimer – we were invited along to visit the Build a Bear workshop free of charge!

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