Great Crochet Reference Books

A couple of years ago I challenge myself to learn how to crochet. I succeeded and was very pleased with myself. 2 years on, and I find, I don’t have the time to keep crocheting and as I was never “proficient” (just happily good enough), it is easy for me to forget things along my crochet journey. Luckily, I quickly pick it all up again. But I always have to go and search for things on the big wide web again, which is a bit of a hassle.. and take extra care with the US and UK terminology.crochet books for beginners

Along comes the approx A5 sized A Little Course in Crochet by DK books. Just perfect. The focus is less on projects (though they do have some from little crochet balls, to stretchy shopping bags, to cute baby cardies), but on technique. Lots of GREAT detailed photographs, cheap viagra usa showing step by step how to complete certain stitches and patterns. It helps you understand “worded patterns”, but also how to read Crochet Diagrams. I will be hanging on to this one for sure…


Crochet Book Guide And then there is the A4 sized Crochet Book from DK books. This books is different in that the it is far more comprehensive and contains 80 projects in addition to looking at techniques and different types of yarn. The book above feels more like a great reference book, with some lovely little projects, whilst the larger book feels more like a book for the crocheter who wants to go to the next level and try out lots off different kinds of projects, though it still has lots of detailed photographs and help with explaining how to read patterns.

Disclaimer: I received these books from DK for review

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