Kids Activities for the Easter Holidays 2019

Hello! The Easter holidays are looming and you may or may not be excited about them or a just a little bit panicked!! Two whole week AND a bank holiday to fill (in our case we also have an Inset Day AFTER The bank holiday). Which makes for a nice long break (or a terribly loooong break, depending on how you look at it!).

I digress… soooo what will you do with the kids? We have a number of things planned……. pick and choose what works for you, as well as depending on locality! From Easter Crafts Inspiration to days out.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Our Easter Holidays 2019 Activity Plan

  1. We will be doing some Easter Crafting for sure!! (See my top 5 Easter Crafts for 2019 below!)
  2. We will be heading into London for at least 2 days out – we have a fantastic list of “Almost FREE things to do in London” that you can take a peak at. One of our trips will include a visit to the Sky Gardens this year and we have some (free) cinema vouchers that we will be using up afterwards!
  3. We will do some Easter Baking (probably the “no bake” Easter Nests… )
  4. We will be visiting family – the Easter break is always a great time to spend time with the extended family! Easter itself will be spent with the “in laws”, uncle, aunt and baby cousin! Whoop.
  5. A trip to the seaside. Whether you are going by car or by train, whether you are going for a day return or staing overnight in a B&B, an April visit to the seaside is a must. Find shells, go rock pooling, have an ice cream and east some fish and chips.
  6. Have a one on one day with each child. Ok, so this may be a little trickier to organise, it depends on what the rest of your family and friends are doing (so you can “off load” the other child(ren). In our case, we have two kids – and each of us will plan a day out with one child each. It doesn’t have to cost anything (in fact I encourage you NOT to spend money.. quality time isn’t about how much you spend). I will be taking my son on a bike ride along the Thames (with a picnic along the way). And my husband will take my daughter to a local park for some geocaching.
  7. Visit a city farm – many are free.. and this time of year you will see chicks and baby lambs too (if you are lucky!).
  8. A trip to the library to borrow some books – you may want to do this NOW ahead of time, in case you need to reserve a favourite book or author!
  9. We will also have plenty of “unstructured time”, during which I will be working from home. The kids will have to play out in the garden or scoot up and down the road (whilst Iisten out via my window). Unstructured time is also SUPER important for kids. They need downtime to relax and even get bored. So long as this down time is spaced out between activities outlined above, it usually works for us!

Our top 5 Easter Activities for 2019

If I were to pick just 5 ideas for you to focus on, I think it would be these:

  1. Creating an Easter Tree with the kids – though our tree is shop bought, get some branches or Pussy Willow is gorgeous for this kind of decoration – and pop them in a large vase or pot. Then decorate tor your hearts content.
  2. Add to this some Paper Chicks or Peeps Bunny Decorations
  3. Then make some Easter Greeting Cards (just adorable)
  4. Make some Easter Bookmarks (to keep or give), including our super popular Origami Bookmark, you will love to make these!
  5. Finally, get yourself organised for a great Egg Roll Easter Sunday activity (alternatives to rolling down a hill included)

Enjoy and happy Easter!!

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