You Time

I think we have all heard it before…. but I always feel, you can never say it enough – as a parent it is SO important to make sure that you get “you time”. And “us time” for that matter.

You spend all day running after children, taking them here and there. Encouraging the for the 10th time to GET THEIR SHOES on. And PUT THEIR COATS on. You take them. You drop them off. You getting some shopping done. You collect them (get their shoes on again. Get their coats on again) and take them home. You put some laundry on. You put some laundry away. You get some snacks ready. And you are off again (GET YOUR SHOES on. Anyone need the loo before we go? You sure?) and then you go off, you come back for that inevitable toilet break (told you so), you get those shoes on again. You head off out…..

And so the day continues. I often find that people notice the things you do NOT do. You spend an hour tidying the laundry away, making the kitchen look clean(ish). You sort through the kids books (that are strewn all over the house) and as thank you, you get a “why is this house always such a mess?” as you better half walks through the door.

Well. How are you supposed to feel about that?

This is where YOU TIME comes into. Take a break. Have a nice little espresso Рjust pop in your Nespresso compatible pods into your machine, wait for your coffee to brew, maybe add a decadent little chocolate to go with it. Put you feet up and think about NOTHING. Just for five minutes each day. And I promise you, things will be easier. Never feel guilty about you time.. you time is essential. You need to recharge your batteries and feel like yourself again. If it makes you calmer and happier, you will also be a calmer and happier parent when it comes to the kids.

So. Sit. Relax. Sip your coffee. Recharge.

And then face it all over again……

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