Mini Christmas Trees

So. This year the kids totally lucked out and on the 1st December got a “fake” small Christmas tree each. They were on sale at our local hardware store and I couldn’t resist them. Yes we are fortunate enough to have the space and to be able to afford a small luxury like this. I am totally aware of that.

Christmas Fine Motor skills

So the children got a bargain fake tree and I gave them a bunch of my old ornaments that I don’t use anymore. I did also treat them to a trip to a big Swedish store to let them choose some of the own decorations – fostering their own independence and right to choose. And later we made our own Angel Tree Toppers, which they LOVED adding.

Having their own Christmas Trees works on sooo many levels:

  • First it is like a 3D sensory bin – you have all those colours and textures for the children to root through and play with. The texture of the tree, the textire of the ribbons, baubles, garlands and beads. Wonderful.
  • When decorating their tree, they are developing their fine motor skills, as they try and hang the fiddly little loops around the tree
  • They experience a sense of independence and accomplishment, they get to choose what goes where. How much what to add and how little. No parents interferring or rearranging.
  • The creativity is let loose. I suspect that at present more is more and as they get older, they will develop a taste for what they want to add.
  • They learnt a little about gravity and balance – did the trees topple with the big star on top. How could we change it to make it work better. And WHY did the Star make it fall?
  • Sharing and counting – the kids had to share the ornaments we had. They had figure out for themselves who got what and how many!

There is so much you can explore when letting the children decorate their own trees… so many hidden learning opportunities that they don’t even realise they are benefiting from.

But the main benefit of to me, is that it simply makes for a MAGICAL CHRISTMAS! What child doesn’t LOVE to have a Christmas Tree of their own?!

The kids ADORE their Mini Christmas Trees!!!

Check out these DIY Christmas Ornaments and maybe add some of your own!

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