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MEEP! MEEP! make way for the fab new tablet for kids – MEEP! Last week, we were lucky enough to be invited into town to hear all about sample (and take home!) one the brand new MEEP! tablets – over from the US and new to the UK this Autumn.

As you may know, my kids are iphone and App crazy and for ever pestering to use the phone, meaning I can’t SMS, make calls and eventually also totally running down my battery. Bring on the MEEP!

Their very own tablet in my most favourite colour (orange – but it comes in pink too).

The main thing I liked about the MEEP! (The Boy, just LOVED it, because it “for children”…), was the parental controls it has. Very clever:

1) You can set time limits on use – by feature, e.g. 10min on games and 40min on films

2) It connects to youtube (which the kids love), but you, the parent get to select youtube videos one at a time to say which they are allowed to see (bring on the Alphabet Song)

3) As and when you are ready for it,  you can introduce the concept of money and managing your own (games) budget, by buying credits for the kids to use. Though, don’t worry, whatever they decide to buy – you, the parent, have to approve first

4) It is compatible with other smartphone Apps (apparently, I am yet to test this feature out)

There are lots of add ons to the MEEP! that you can get – turning it into a piano or racing car etc. Whatever you want to make of it.

I think it makes for a GREAT Christmas present and the kids will have to wait for theirs until Christmas (I am such a mean mum!).

Want one? RRP £129.99 and you and get it at retails such as Smyths, Toys ‘R’ Us and Argos from 1 October 2012.

Thank you MEEP!

Disclaimer: we received a complimentary MEEP! but were under no obligation to review or write about it.

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