McVitie’s Breakfast Biscuits

On the go breakfast! I don't know about you, but my whole life seems to be pretty much on the go! I get up and already the morning is so busy.


Needless to say, the kids need be washed, dressed and fed. I need to pack their school bags. I also turn on the computer. Check my emails. Tidy up as I go along. And before you know it, I am rushing out the door, hopefully with the children in tow, on the school run.

My priority is: the kids, my emails and a cup of tea (the day cannot start without a cup of tea!!).

Whatever happened to breakfast being the "most important" part of the day?

Well, I do try (!) to look after myself too. Bring on the yummy McVitie's Breakfast Biscuits. I am not going to say no to biscuits, especially if it is "good" for me.

The lovely people from McVitie's sent me some of their Breakfast Biscuits to try. They sent me the "porridge oats, red berry" variety. And try I did. Well, they were rather good if I say so myself. You can really taste the berries (rather moreish) and I do like that they are made from porridge (porridge after all is a great start to the day). I had to in fact *hide* them from my family (yes, I do that).  After all, they are for me me me!! Now and again you have to look after number one. (Ok, I fib, hubby and I both have a trial box each… but I am certainly not giving him any of mine!).

Though the biscuit is designed for "on the go", I confess, I save mine for coming back from the school run. To a quiet house, a fresh cup of tea and 3minutes worth of peace and a pause. Then energised for the day, I can carry on!

I didn't expect for a biscuit to quite hit that nail on the head – and it certainly beats eating the kids' leftovers which has been my breakfast on many a morning.

McVitie's Breakfast Biscuits

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