Christmas: Here’s How to Make Your Home Festive for The Season

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Making a visual impact with your designs, starts before the doors to your home are opened. It begins with the simple Christmas lights on the roof, the colorful garland on the front door, or the snowman the kids made. This is why you need to consider every area of the house when decorating- it gives you space to get creative and bring some Christmas cheer into your home.

A tree is a Must

As a center piece, having a tree for Christmas is a staple in most households. It provides you with more options to get creative as you can do almost anything with a Christmas tree.

Christmas trees are often placed in the hallway or living room for all to see but if you have more than one, it can also be positioned in the kitchen. These two places allow your tree to have the most visual impact because people are most likely to gather there. You can decorate your tree with multi-colored lights or a single-tone light depending on what your theme. For further decorations, go for homemade pieces, items with sentimental value, garlands, candy canes, and a star topper.

Remember that the direction your design takes, might depend on the size of your tree. You may have limited options for decorating if the tree is quite small.

What to do for décor

Your home provides you with a huge opportunity to do anything you want for Christmas. Some aim for perfection and hire an interior decorator to take care of the designs but if you are taking charge yourself, the sky, is the limits.

The windows, fireplaces, major corners of the house, and the kitchen, can serve as focal points for your decorations. These places tend to draw a lot of attention and can help to spice up your home especially when the decorations are minimalistic. To decorate these areas, you can use tinsel, garlands, traditional stockings over the fireplace, colorful ribbons, streamers, or mini-Christmas trees. You can consider hanging a mistletoe in the kitchen for anyone who gets lucky.

If you want to include something homemade, then using food as decorations can be a great idea. Small gingerbread houses, cookies with meaningful icing on them, or gingerbread men can serve this purpose when you put them at strategic points in the house. Not only will they serve as decorations, but they provide something random to munch on from time to time.

What can you do in the bathroom?

For most, the bathroom is the last place in the house to decorate; that’s if it’s decorated at all. The bathroom is considered as more of a functional space, which it is but that doesn’t mean it can’t receive a glow up with the rest of the house.

The fact that it is a functional space means that you don’t need to do much for it to stand out. You can hand a small garland on the window, change the towels to festive ones, and put some Christmas lights on the side of the mirror. These tweaks might seem minor but they do tend to lighten the place up.

If you have a plant in the bathroom, you can go a step further by replacing it with a miniature Christmas tree.

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