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Ok, so it isn’t that long ago that we wrote our November post… but I WAS rather later with that. So already, it is time to look at the month ahead for December… because we do like to plan! AND because December/ January are all about THE THEATRE for us. And you need to get those booked in!

So let’s start off with the Theatre

Younger kids?

If you are regular reader, you will know that we ADORE the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon. Not only are my kids “growing up” with the theatre, but I as a child have many a happy memory of visiting the Polka Theatre with school! Some of you will also knw, that the Polka Theatre is being renovated (rather excitingly.. it’s going to be AMAZING when done). But fear not.. they have been able to arrange a 4 week production at the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre. So you won’t be missing out. So, if your kids are between 3-6 and you love Julia Donaldson.. they have a production of her Paper Dolls book on. It is a wonderful story well worth a read and theatre visit.

The performance is ONLY on for 4 weeks.

So grab yourself a copy of the book (affiliate link) and book some tickets today.

Older kids?

Get yourself to the Panto. We have two favourite Panto venues.. and tend to alternatve between the years.. go for the glitz and Glamour of Celebrities at the Wimbledon Theatre’s Cinderella or go for the slightly more afforable and usually incredibly well producte panto at The Lyric in Hammersmith – this year, it also happens to be Cinderella!

You can’t go wrong with either venue!

Right.. that is the theatre sorted!!

Next to some baking and crafty goodness!

Christmas Baking

The right recipe can be made quite early and will keep until Christmas. We actually begin our Christmas Baking Mid November. Mainly because we also like to celebrate Advent (end of Nov/ beginning of Dec) and because we like to bake between 6-8 types of traditional Austrian/ German cookies! So we need at least 3-4 recipes made in time for Advent.

Our favourites include Vanille Kipferl, Husaren Krapfen (very easy for kids to help make) and of course the humble (and not so German) Gingerbread Man.

Christmas Crafting for Kids

Ah.. where to start with Christmas Craft!! There are SO MANY fun projects to make. We are particularly partial to any Paper Crafts – as paper is fabulously versatile. And there are SO many great things you can make. Our top three this year (I think!) are:

But, the kids also love making Christmas Cards this time of year. They love giving cards in class. So this year, we created a super simple Card Design series.. so they can make LOTS quickly and easily!

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