The Month Ahead November

Ok. So this is a little late. I accidently “forgot” to “do” November. Oops. And with that, I didn’t get the chance to share any Bonfire Night Activities and am probably ALMOST too late for Remembrance Sunday.. but I say ALMOST. So here we go.

remembrance day

Remembrance Day

So Remembrance Sunday is indeed around the corner. And as per usual, I have a great set of Remembrance Sunday Activities for you. But my three favourite are:

  • Suncatcher Poppies – I love these, as they come with an easy to use template, are easy to make and look fabulous!
  • Clay Poppy Bowls – again, are easy to make.. but you do need some clay!
  • Felt Poppies – because they last for ever

All three activities are relatively simple to do, and I love that they give the children a chance to make and be mindful. It is a great opportunity for conversations and discussions about the past.

fun turkey printable for kids


For our American friends it is ALL ABOUT THANKSGIVING! Woohoo. Such a fun family time to prepare for.. with lots of great turkey crafts and leaf decorations. Again my favourite three?

  • Paper Turkey Cones – because they make me giggle, you can wear them as hats, play with them or use them as place cards. Quick and easy to print and use. Fun.
  • Paper leaves – I ADORE these, they look fantastic, would make a great garland or place card and of course, are made from PAPER!! Did you know I have a new Paper Projects book out? MUST SEE!
  • Leaf Cork Turkey – because it is nature, recycled and adorable!
Crochet Stocking Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars

NOW is the month to get your Advent Calendars sorted. We have, of course, a fantastic set of DIY Advent Calendars to browse. Nothing quite like a homemade calendar. Lots of ideas to choose from, from more elaborate, to easy drawings the kids can get involved with. We love:

  • Crochet Stockings Advent Calendar – this would make the most adorable keepsake advent calendar
  • Photo Advent Calendar – easy to make and a great way to “force” yourself to print off some of those photos you never print. I also love that it steps a way a little from gifts and chocolate (though of course we love those too!)
  • 4 in 1 Advent Bags – one calendar, 4 ways to display and suit your space and needs. So cute!

I hope this is sufficient inspiration for November!! See you next month!

Also.. remember.. November is a great time to start working on some family Christmas Gifts the kids can make! We love for example having a go at our Salt Dough Recipe and making lovely keepsakes!

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