5 Must Try Things this Christmas

Oh! So Christmas isn’t too far off.. and we are all ramping up our Christmas activities! In our house we celebrate “advent” too – the four Sundays before Christmas. Each Sunday we light a candle, east some Christmas biscuits and read a Christmas story!! But now and again we also like to do some fun crafts or activities. Defintely time to slpw down, stop being busy and keep things simple. If you are looking for something fun to try out.. here are 5 Must Try Things this Christmas:

Making cookies and ornaments is always a BIG ONE in our house!

First up, we have the traditional How to Dry Orange Slices! I love traditional crafts. There is a reason they are traditional – basically they have stood the test of time and people come back to them year on year. A great eco friendly way to decorate your tree rustically. This article also gives you some great Dried Orange slices decoration ideas!

Next, we have this Easy Bath Bomb Recipe. We like this recipe as you don’t have to go and find Citric acid, but can use store cupboard ingredients (though you may need to stock up too!). Bath bombs make for a great (simple) Chemistry experiment for STEAM enthusiasts AND are a great gift to give to family, teachers and friends.

We adore all things paper. Paper is fun and super versatile.. and there are o many great things to make. I am sure you have all head a go at the paper snowflake before.. if you have.. and you are ready for something new, you will LOVE tehse 3d Paper Trees that Light Up! A very similar process, but with a little twist at the end. Make these with white paper or green paper. They will look gorgeous!

We are rather partical to ornaments, as you probably already know.. but if you adore Disney, like us, DO take a look at these fabulousPaper Mickey Mouse Ornaments! Can you believe that they are made from JUST paper? And how every EASY theya re to make? They could also be used in simple Pop Up greeting cards. Clever!

Finally.. we always always always love a handmade card. And we have lots of different Christmas Card designs that we have made over the years. But a firm favourite and “must try” is this DIY Christmas Card Pop Up. Just a clever technique with gorgeous results!!

Hope you feel inspired to get crafty this season! Enjoy!

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