Positive Parenting: One on One Time

Now.. I am just a mother and just a mother of two. So by no means am I a parenting expert. However, I have (some) strong views about parenting and how positive parenting can do a lot of good. A while back we shared our little reward chart craft and top tips and they work wonders for us. Another thing I TOTALLY believe in, is quality one on one time.

Both kids regularly have “just me” time – my daughter most mornings when her brother is at nurser. My son most lunchtimes, when my daughter is napping. But these are not QUALITY sessions. I am usually running around (ahem blogging), meeting playdate friends or going to the supermarket doing small home chores. Yes, they get “me”, but they don’t get “me 100%!

So this weekend, we have planned something special for both kids (and we will have to do something similar again in reverse soon).

My son went off on a Big Boys camping trip with just Daddy and Grandpa!

There were some tears when he left, as he wanted me to come with him.. so I think he will have gotten two things out of this weekend: it is ok to leave Mum behind. And it s great to have an adventure with Daddy and Grandpa.

My Daughter of course wanted to go too. But she is still a little to young. So I promised her, what I know she wanted to do for ages: painting fingernails! She has been asking about it for weeks now. So, I decided to indulge her.

quality time

I know it sounds like terrible gender typing, but seriously, this is what she wanted (apart from camping, which she is allowed to do next year). So we went shopping. Bought nail varnish, some “party shoes” (and with that an outfit –  lucky girl) and then went to coffee shop for juice and cake.

Once we got home (and to also ensure it isn’t “all about shopping shopping shopping), we sat down for a good 40 mintues: Cleaned and trimmed our fingersnails, soaked our hands in warm soapy water, dried them gently and and then added lovely (ahem) nailvarnish. I did hers. She did mine ( a great bit of fine motorskills there too!).

Oh.. and yesterday, I took my son for a one on one cake at the coffee shop too. And if my son wants to paint his nails when gets back from camping he is welcome too! According to my daughter, Daddy will get his toe nails painted when he gets home!

This is one of our approaches to Positive Parenting: Quality One on One time. They all need it!

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