Recycling Business Cards


Business cards are incorporated into the daily life of many people worldwide. There are various customs and ritual connected with the presenting and receiving of business cards. No wonder that business people usually educate themselves about the different rules and etiquettes of a country before travelling there. Whereas the presenting and receiving of business cards have no special rules in Western Europe, in other parts of the world it could be considered rude not to follow the etiquette. Chinese customs are that you should not ask someone for their business cards before you presented your card. Korean rules dictate that you should present and receive business cards with both outstretched hands. In India all relevant university degrees and honours are printed on the business cards. And In Japan, business cards are presented in business as well as personal encounters.

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So no wonder there are a lot of people out there with a whole lot of business cards. But don’t just get rid of them. Try to reuse and up-cycle them. And that’s how you do it.

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