How to Make Vinegar from Apple Peelings

How I LOVE thrifty nifty things. And making vinegar from something you throw away – apple peels and cores is RIGHT up my alley! I first learnt about it from Blue Bear Wood on our Foraging Tops & Tricks hangout. Simply genius and so easy.

How to Make Vinegar

To Make Vinegar you will need:

  • Apple peelings,
  • a jar,
  • muslin,
  • water,
  • sugar
  • a dark warm space

How To Make Vinegar from Apple Leftovers

1) Let your peelings go brown. Dissolve approx 1 mug (cup) of sugar to about 5 Liters of water. (You can dissolve  the sugar in less water and then add it to the remaining water..). As we made small amounts, we guessed and used 1 tea spoon of sugar per jam jar.

2) Pack them into a jar and cover with water (you can top this up over the course of a few days, once the scum starts to form, leave it and start a new jar)

3) Cover with a muslin (do not seal, you need to let it breath).

4) Put in a warm dark place. Stir once a day for about a week.

5) After a  week or so, strain out all the apple peel (you can pop them into a muslin and hang above a bowl – leave overnight to get all the juices out!). Throw away the peel and place the remaining liquid back into a dark space for about 4-6weeks (you can taste test it).

6) Once ready, decanter into a bottle. If you find your vinegar is cloudy, that is fine (it is apple sediment and good), if you don’t like that though, you can strain it through a coffee filter.


Watch our Foraging Hangout for more ideas on thrifty and environmental living… if you want additional link and information visit Red Ted Art.

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