Simple Christmas Cards for Kids to Make

When it comes to Christmas Cards for Kids to Make, I always think – simple is best. I don’t know about you, but we have A LOT of Christmas cards to send and my kids sometimes get very absorbed in detail (which is good) but can also get frustrated when  they make a small mistake at the end (not so good). So here is a  super dooper simple Christmas card for them to make:

It really is “that simple”…. all you need is:

  • Card stock
  • Paint
  • Cookie cutters (we had 3 different sized stars, so we could all print and swap colours around easily)
We used one colour per cookie cutter and got stamping. Keep it simple and they will look lovely. Over on Red Ted Art, I have a round up of lots more different Card Making Ideas if you fancy a peak! As well as some Wrapping Paper ideas (click on the images):

In the festive mood? Why not get hold of your favourite movies? Or give them as a gift this Christmas!




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