Cooking with Kids: Back to Basics

Cooking with Kids: Back to Basics - Scrambled EggsA quick post for our “Cooking With Kids” series. As you may know, I do like to share “proper” recipes of things that we have cook together. The operative word being “together”, as needless to say, my kids are still too young to cook by themselves. However, for me, cooking with kids, is all about involving them wherever possible and talking them through the steps required to make something.

So, I wanted to share this post – where The Girl made scrambled eggs!

Yep. As simple as that.

My 3yrs old girl made scrambled eggs. She knows we need to crack an egg (we usually do it straight into the pan out laziness…) to add a little milk (often ends up being a little too much, but that makes the scrambled egg lighter) and that you need to keep stirring. I hoping to persuade her to add some chives one day.. or maybe some Spring Onions. But for now, it is plain and simple.

She is getting better at holding the frying pan handle and listens to my repeated warnings of “careful it is hot”, “do not touch the pan, it is hot”, “Very dangerous, it is hot”……

We then put some toast in the toaster together and waited for that to cook.

The Girl’s lunch done!

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