Summer Holidays…

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…oooh how do like to be beside the sea side.. how we do like to be beside the seaaaaa.  Mmmh, maybe the words are bit wrong, i can’t remember, but I do know it is time that we go away with the family enjoying a Summer holiday uk or wherever really. We just need a BREAK! It has been super busy really for both hubby at work and me at home – things going on with the blogs and business at school. So a nice lovely break all together would be right up our street.

Maybe we can even sneak in a july holiday this year, that would be great for sure! But whatever we do, we do need to be prepared! Whenever we go on holidays with the kids, we make sure we pack efficiently, but practically and we ALWAYS have something for the kids to do “en route”. My favourite “go to travel activity”, is a small bag of pens and a notebook each. The Kids LOVE having their own notebooks – they feel very grown up to have one and it is great for us, as we don’t have paper flying around everywhere getting crinkly and creased or lost. They have the same notebook throughout the year and we take it on trips on the tube or to the doctor’s surgery. And they make a great “momento” at the end. Definitely keepers.

We also always carry plenty of water and snacks – make sure they are healthy (ish) and that they don’t get squashed. Our homemade granola bars are a great one to take and the whole family enjoys eating them! We also aways have a spare carrier bag, as there is nothing more annoying than not knowing “where to put that apple core” or satsuma peel. Nothing worse, than having everything get all muddled up!

And finally, we always have the kids hats and sun screen.. and we are ready!

So. Here we come Summer Holiday!! We can’t wait for a little break!


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