Tips for Valentines with Young Kids

Ah yes. It is finally the NEW YEAR!! Woohoo. I hope that you had a lovely Christmas, with lots of festive jingle and yummy Christmas Treats. As the new year starts and we look ahead… we also like to plan!! And what are planning for? Valentine’s Ideas with Young Kids!! Yay! We love Valentine’s Day and we love crafting and activities for young children. Though many children may not celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional sense, it is still nice to do “lovely activities” for family and friends. Especially granny and grandpa! So it is time to take a look at those Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschool.. and maybe have a go at a Valentine’s Day Card for Kids!

So here are our top 3 Tips for Creating successful Valentine’s Crafting Session with kids.


When crafting with young children, prepartion is KEY!!! Make sure you have prepared an area where you can get creative (also known as getting a bit messy). You don’t want to have a heart attack if the red paint get spilled and the glitter goes flying through the air. By preparing you craft area, it is much easier to contain the mess too.

Similarly, it is good to prepare the activity itself. Young children have short attention spans. So if you are making a heart craft for example, maybe cut out some basic shapes for the kids before hand!

Keep it simple

As mentioned, kids have a short attention span. My kids usually want to make everything in one go.. and make it in less than 10minutes. Yep, i know, that is quite a challenge. Luckily we have TONS of Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschool to inspire you and meet the “simple” and “short” criteria. We can usually tolerate “one drying session” before continuing.. but not more than that. And you may end up with unfinished projects. Also.. you may lkke our super clever little Valentine’s Axolotl Craft. So fun.

Creative Freedom

Of course you want to give your little one as much creative freedom as possible. Be sure to let them stick on the eyes in a wonky way.. and add as many hearts as they want. It doesn’t matter. Valentine’s Day Crafting with little ones, is not about perfection but having a go. And to be honest… that child made imperfection is pretty perfect to me!!!

I hope you find these tips helpful. ENJOY!!

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