Duck Tours – alternative sightseeing with kids

I like to think that we are well heeled Londoners and that both my kids (ages 6 and 8) know London at least a little bit…. well maybe a lot. (Well we have been exploring London with Kids for quite some time now!). Today we opted for something new to us – we decided to go on a London Tour. Yes, us Londoners, on a “tourist” tour. Time to put our feet up and enjoy London in style – London DUCK TOURS STYLE!

If you are not familiar with Duck Tours – they are an organisation that started off in Boston (I believe) and used old army amphibious vehicles to show you the core sites (of whatever city you are in) from both land and the river. The army vehicles have been renovated, upgraded and painted a bright, easily recognisable yellow!

london duck tours

London Duck Tours Vehicle – the Beatrice

I have seen the Duck Tours boats/ trucks around for years and have been waiting eagerly for the kids to be old enough to appreciate it. And finally D-Day (that is to say DUCK DAY) had arrived.

The kids have been looking forward to it ALL week. And I can safely say that it has been the highlight of their Easter Holiday (well, that and lots of chocolate of course, but who can resist lots of chocolate, right?!).

With London Duck Tours Mascot

We were lucky enough enough to meet the BIG DUCK just as we were boarding – I have no idea how often this guy is out and about, but lucky for us, we got a quick photo, whilst waiting to board our Duck Truck.

The tour guide (Chris & Chris) as was really really lovely and super welcoming. And I have to admit, that both my husband and I, who consider ourselves as know it all Londoners, learned quite a bit on this trip. In fact, it was really nice to be able to sit back, take it all in and let someone else do the talking.

duck tours

We LOVE London Duck Tours!

The full trip lasts about 75min… I probably had about 15-20min of the Duck Tours trip on the river Thames. I hear that in later spring you often see some baby ducks (so jealous). But the river ride, really was cool and it was quite a special way to view London. It really is a strange feeling, driving off a bebbly “beach” into the river Thames and then floating off towards the houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

I think the Duck Tours had just the right balance of sight seeing info, “box ticking of sights”, fun as well as not  being”too long”, so that our 6 and 8yrs old kids REALLY got to enjoy it. I think any other tour would have been “boring” for them and this was a great way for us to enjoy London.

As the London Duck Tour begins and starts just near the London Eye, you can stop off at the London Eye playground afterwards or go for a little walk along South Bank and enjoy the atmosphere and street performers. In summer, there is also a huge sand pit, art installations, water fountains to play in and of course the “skate park” to stop at and people watch. (See here for more ideas of London with Kids).

Visit the London Duck Tours website for prices – and check out any seasonal activities that they have on too (the pirate treasure hunt sounds AMAZING!)!


Disclaimer: we were invited along by the PR company for a family day out – many thanks!

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